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Gah! Bridge, here! (Done quickly, no?)


She looked at his face with shock. All of it; his sharp jaw line, his straight nose, his dark amber eyes, the smirk, it was all so”¦ so”¦ AGGRIVATING!

She marched right up to him, poked her finger into his chest and looked him straight in the eyes. “How long have you been there? Did you know we were here? Were you watching us? You could have let us out first you know! Do you know how long we’ve been looking for you? Well?”

Rayek, who was obviously shocked at her questioning outburst, quickly regained his posture, pushed her finger from his chest and growled. “A little gratitude would be nice. I just saved you lives!” He waited expectantly, but she simply frowned at him with her lips pursed and her hands on her hips. Suddenly he turned away, crossing his arms. “I noticed you there yesterday. I watched you for a bit, but figured I should rescue your skins from these”¦” he wrinkled his nose as he looked down, “Things.”

“Trolls.” Shenshen had almost forgotten Pike was there, he was so silent. The red-headed elf slowly walked up to them, then leaned on his spear. “I didn’t notice you there. Where did you watch us from?”

It was more a question of truth rather than a real question. Rayek sniffed as if annoyed by a little child. “They didn’t name me ”˜Child of the rocks’ for nothing.” He stuck his chest out proudly. “Why are you here anyway, flea-feast? Nearly got yourselves captured.”

“We were looking for you!” Shenshen stated.

“Hmph.” He turned away and examined one of the fallen Trolls. “They miss me already?” He paused. “Did Leetah send you?”

Shenshen was tempted for a moment, only a moment, to say that yes, she had, and she wanted him back in the Sun Village”¦ but she knew that would only raise hopes only to be disappointed and angry at her as well. So, instead, she told him no, that that had come looking for him on their own.

“Why? I don’t need anyone’s help, nor do I wish to return.” He seemed more annoyed than before. Without an answer, he sneered at Hotburr who had taken to chewing one of the Trolls’ fingers, and headed towards the tunnel’s entrance. Pike quickly scolded his wolf-friend. “Stop that, you know where it’s been.” And began poking around the bodies, grabbing for what supplies they might have had on them.

Shenshen, however, followed the raven-haired elf. “We’re going to bring you back.” She stated, but he didn’t seem to hear. He just continued towards the tunnel. “Didn’t you hear me? We’re here to bring you back!” She grabbed his arm, but let go quickly when he whirled around to face her.

“I will not go back.” He stated with dark intensity, then simply turned back and continued back towards the opening. Shenshen was almost too surprised to move. She stayed where she was until Pike appeared beside her and handed her something that shimmered in the dawn light. She looked down and took it, then glanced at him questioningly.

“It’s a sword.” He said. “You should have one in case we see any more Trolls.”

“We’re not going to see any more Trolls. Rayek is coming back with us.” She watched her sister’s former lovemate disappear into the tunnel.

“Who’s going to make him?” She frowned, but didn’t reply. “The zwoot ran off when the Trolls showed. Our supplies are gone.” Pike shrugged with a small smile. “I follow you.”

With a determined look, she gripped the blade awkwardly and followed Rayek into the Troll’s lair with Pike and Hotburr close behind.