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Winnowill: Paingiver. Lifeshaper. The Black Snake. The Loveless One. "Winno-wicked."
I've always been fascinated by her, even while being disgusted by her actions. To me, no villain can measure up to her, since so many others are just black-and-white, nothing beyond the evil exterior. It is (or was) different with Winnowill. At some point (round about KoBW) she started to believe what people say about her, or went further nuts over 10,000 years and became our all purpose baddie. :?

Here is one of my drawings of Winnowill from my fanart thread (though recently tweaked and upgraded from the original). It's called Sisters Of The Moon, named after a song by Fleetwood Mac that it appears on their 1979 album Tusk. The lyrics follow the picture:


Sisters Of The Moon
(Written by Stevie Nicks)

Intense silence
As she walked in the room
Her black robes trailing
Sister of the moon
And a black widow spider makes
More sound than she
And black moons in those eyes of hers
Made more sense to me
Heavy persuasion
It was hard to breathe
She was dark at the top of the stairs
And she called to me

And so I followed
As friends often do
I cared not for love, nor money
I think she knew
The people, they love her
And still they are the most cruel
She asked me
Be my sister, sister of the moon

Some call her sister of the moon
Some say illusions are her game
They like to wrap her in velvet
Does anyone, ooh, know her name


Now, who's Winnowill calling to in that song? Who's the narrator? I'm not sure. Metaphorically, could be Leetah. Or one of the other gliders. I dunno. I just love that song, and I think it says so much about Winnowill's alluring yet sinister personality.