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Someone, somewhere (in this thread) said that Winni was one dimensional... she is definitely not that. Winni is deep, complex and twisted, she holds to her ideals by sheer force of self-beleif and determination that she is right and we have seen every step of the way what changes in her life have sculted her into being what she is and what she becomes. Winni is a very well rounded character, we have watched her being shaped into each new level of evilness, but ultimately her goal hasn't changed it simply morphed into grander perspectives as her knowledge expanded. First it was protect her people. Then it was protect her people and all pure bloods by removing them for the influences of the world, then it was give the high ones back themselves (ok...she made the suggestion to Rayek) and thereby they/she would never have to suffer/be tainted by the world...etc etc etc. I don't really know what her final goal was with the Djun...except of course to get the palace back...but what she planned to do with it once she had it? Maybe to continue with the suggestion she'd made to Rayek?

Well... at any rate, I miss Winni, I wish she wasn't confined within Rayek's mind trying to slowly drive him insane so as to gain her freedom. Killing her off was shocking to me because she was so utterly and perfectly the story's nemesis.

Furthermore I like how she was so beautiful and so bad. Evil somehow doesn't seem right, Winni was sick, she truly was ill and she could have been healed if she'd allowed it, but she made a conscious decision to embrace her illness and allow it to become her focus. Still the words "Evil Beauty" do fit very well when describing her... Wink