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Would anyone like to post the pic's you are talking about (about her eyes)? I have only black and white books so i dont get to see her eyes. I too have really no idea of what colour they are...

I love and hate winnovill in my way. I love her beauty and what she could have been, I too love the moment she sees the palace for the first time. and i love the idea that she mated a troll and had a child for him. I love it that she loved so much and did all she could for those she loved. I even love her in her sorrow when those she loved did not answer her heart.

but i hate her for not forgiving two-edges father. And i hate her weakness for falling into darkness. I hate that she didnt let the gliders have children and well... for everything she did to hurt others.

As a character she is brilliant. To make me feel both love, pity and hate, that is brilliant. I think she is one of wendys greatest creations.

The picture i love most of winnovill is satirettos avi. i dont know from what story it's from but i think it shows winnowill as the elf she was born. before a single drop of evil.

I hope satiretto wont kill me for posting this [img:c114482772]http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h120/Satiretto/V_and_W.jpg[/img:c114482772]