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Drizz, however, is completely atypical as far as drow go. He's got the black skin and the white hair, but his eyes are violet, I believe, and he is, of all things, good aligned. He's a neutral good ranger who has chosen to live on the surface, among those who fear him because of the color of his skin (since drow are typically evil) and he is a bad@$$ in battle. OMG you have to read some of the battles in those books, the guy rocks! Just thinking about it and I start geeking out over here.

Of course, that's because I have a general weakness for Hunter archetypes, and there are so few truly bad@$$ rangers that one more is a treasure to hold dear.

I mean, really, you get the whole prince-in-beast's-clothing image that draws my soul to characters like Beast and Wolverine, and there's the haunted and tortured soul that I geeked to as an adolescent, there's a hint of Rayek in some of his self-sufficiency and his attitude, but he's not quite so unapproachably arrogant. He's just . . . everything.

And on top of it all there's his panther, Gwynhwyvar. She's almost as delightful a character as he is. Of course, being that she's an extra-planar being hidden in a tiny onyx statuette . . . helps.


Mrs. Grizzley (so is someone else writing this fanfic, or am I going to have to do it?)