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You don't read alot of fantasy do you? Grin

Dalamar is a dark elf (but not a drow) from the DragonLance universe. He's very handsome (or was until a wild-magic sorceror nearly killed him and scared up half of his face Unhappy ) with pale skin, black hair, and grey eyes. He was a member of the Silvanesti house Servitor (basicaly a slave but no elf would ever agree that was the truth, either through disbeleif or pride) until he was banished for practiseing dark magic ("forbidden" to the elves of Krynn). He ended up (after much hardship) as an apprentice to the black-robed mage Raistlin Majere, the most powerful mage of all time, but was also working as a spy for the Wizard's Conclave. Raistlin eventualy punished him for his treachury by burning his finger-prints into Dalamar's chest, making wound that would never heal. Later Dalamar would become the head of the black-robed mages. In short, Dalamar rocks and is hot. Wink

I figured he and Winnie would make a pretty good match, both being dark, outcasts from there people, and extremely powerful magic users. At least... they'd be a good couple until Raistlin and Rayek found out and joined forces to get their sweeties back Grin .*blatent Dalamar/Raistlin shipper*