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[quote:61d695a290="MrsGrizzley"]I seem to remember running across a line in a novelization somewhere that said that Leetah offered to regrow Ekuar's limbs, and he, smilingly, refused.[/quote:61d695a290]
Did he? The only example I can think of is when Skywise ask Suntoucher why he didn't request Leetah to retore his eyes. His answer fits what many blind people feel about not being blind any more. Oh, and there is Two-Spear too, but he refuses healing for very different reason :D But there, Ekuar refusing new limbs when offered? That would be bardly understandable, wouldn't it?

[quote:61d695a290="MrsGrizzley"]I can't see how it couldn't be done, it's just a little flesh shaping and all that.

Mrs. Grizzley (who's *almost* got her webpage ready!)[/quote:61d695a290]

Shaping and growing things is quite different to me. It is like you wanted to add a handle to a clay pot. Several possibility:
- You add clay from spare stock (difficult to consider this with flesh, not really pleasant to imagine taking flesh from another elf either).
- You take clay from the pot itself and make a handle of it (which makes the pot smaller)
- You magically generate more clay from nothing (which is difficult to explain, even with elf magic)

But I didn't consider making cells grow faster, that may be a solution... Though I can only see that as improving natural body hability, and in that case, you can merely heal. Elf bodies are like humans, they don't naturally regrow limbs, so there would be nothing to accelerate here.

So, to get back to topic, if we want a healer able to grow limbs, we have to see a recognition between a healer and a tree-shaper! Which means... Leetah and Redlance recognized! I love this idea :)