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So I've been thinking abot our Dear Winnie lately (largely because she features into my story)..and I notice that I think of her as YOUNG.

Which id strange. I mean, she's one or the oldest, most powerful, most evil, most badass, most scheming elves in elfquest...yet she seems YOUNG to me.

Thinking about it...

There is something almost VULNERABLE about Winnowill. Like she has a thin veneer of strength over a roiling mass of insecurities and uncertainties and guilt and dreams and hopes....like a teenager.

And I don't think she ever grew up. Sure, she went mad - but the madness wasn't "growing". If anything, it was getting younger again, getting irrational, doing anything for power. Being RASH. An ancient Glider Elder with thousands of years of experience would seem to me to have more forethought, more thinking of what then? What happens when the power is gained? You go to the stars? Selfish.

Thinking about her life...

She started young, in hard times, but was taken care of by her True Love, led by him to safety. There she was needed, sheltered, and useful...until she wasn't anymore. And then she withdrew (a common teenage response - I know, I am one Grin ), grew depressed, and CHANGED. But she didn't grow. She still got what she wanted, and pretty fast. She just used other means to get it. She MADE herself be useful by creating a reason for her to do something - keeping Voll "safe" from the outside world, despite the fact that he kept HER safe in the past....love, irationality, or both?

Now, I'm just thinking aloud here, and I'm making generalizations..but in many ways, Winnie seems like a child. Anyone else see her this way?