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Well, granted that in my fanfic Voll survived, I wonder who I could have him Recognizing? Not Kahvi, I'm not going to interfere with Venka's arrival. Winnie's twisted herself beyond having a child right now, though it would be interesting.


Some of the combinations you guys are mentioning are quite fascinating.

Bearclaw and Kahvi would have been an interesting cub to say the least. She was possibly the only female short of Joyleaf with the strength to stand up to him. There would have been no wallowing in guilt that lead him to alcoholism (or the elfin equivalent). She'd have met him head on in fist fights that lead to wrestling matches that led to making up in the furs. But I don't know if he could have coped with her constant challenging him. Kahvi'd have made one heck of a Wolfrider though.

But one intruiging combination . . . Skywise and Moonshade. Strongbow wouldn't be threatened and Skywise wouldn't likely be one to try to threaten Strongbow. I think Skywise knows how sacred a bond Recognition creates, and he's not likely to treat it lightly, which is all Strongbow would ask of him.

Skywise loves openly and he loves freely, but when his soul is involved . . . then it is not something "for the moment", it is for a lifetime and beyond. He would hold that bond as closely as he holds his bond to Cutter, and his own place in Cutter's family.

The cub, Skywise's silver-white hair and Moonshade's dark violet eyes. A love of the sky and the stars over the forest. A deep seriousness with a wicked sense of humor and a ready smile.

Whaddya think?

Mrs. Grizzley