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I've got so many fanfic in the fire at the moment it'd have to be a one-shot. *grin*

My point was, really, was that the connection would be lifelong, if not an actual relationship. I don't see a three-bond, but I do see Strongbow smiling at Moonshade if she wants to keep the furs open in case he decides to join them for a day. Cutter was right, Fahr is like the wind. He cannot be trapped, but he can be shared. We can't command the wind, but we can enjoy its touch when it decides to blow through.

Moonshade has a lifelong partner in Strongbow. She doesn't need another, but she would welcome Skywise's continued presence in the life of their child.

I'm just fascinated, really, by the personality possibilities in such a cub, particularly if he went more to the elfy side of the spectrum. I mean, Chitter is *such* a Wolfrider, such an earthy personality. What sort of contrast would it be for her to have a brother who's star-smitten and ethereal?

Mrs. Grizzley