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And I'd [i:a6a2540c7a]love[/i:a6a2540c7a] to see Rayek and Ember recognize! Hehehe, suffer Cutter, suffer. :twisted:[/quote:a6a2540c7a]

SPOILERS for KotBW and beyond:

Heh, heh. Of course how much -- or even whether-- Cutter would suffer depends on [i:a6a2540c7a]when [/i:a6a2540c7a]such a Recognition were to happen. If Ember were a little older, and it happened before Kings of the Broken Wheel, Cutter might be slightly annoyed/irritated, but that's all.

If it happened during or after Kings of the Broken Wheel, Cutter just might suffer a little too much even for rabid Rayek fans to enjoy. :( He's already tearing himself up inside just keeping himself from hunting Rayek down.

After they've made peace-- well, again, I think it'd be no big deal. As long as it didn't happen with Winnowill resident. The poor chieftain wouldn't have the faintest idea where to turn, then. "Protect the baby" all tied up with "Stop Winnowill." Erg.

But Wylde Wynd, what about poor [i:a6a2540c7a]Rayek[/i:a6a2540c7a]? Surprised Do you really think he'd want to Recognize one of the wolf-blooded-- and blood of Wolfrider chiefs too? Of course, it just might be good for him. :twisted: