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Ok, so maybe I'm a little bit obsessed with the chosen eight right now. :D But they seem to be very popular, so why not? This is not another "why didn't they live?" thread, but more one to explore them as characters. Why don't we go through the books again, try to identify who does what and see if we can analyze our way into understanding a bit more about them. They operate as a unit, but some seem more agressive than others. For example there is one fellow (Reevol?) who seems very eager to help Winnie and Kureel cause harm to the Wolfriders. He takes an acticve part in the fight at the table, while the rest of them are just standing in the background. The two doing Clearbrooks hair don't knock her down when she's trying to run, just hold her back (Which they seem to be having a hard time of).

I must warn you; I come from a very nitpicky HP forum where we keep discussing even minor characters then these for pages after pages. We even had a long discussion about what we could learn from the mentionings of socks, and we examined if people's noses could reveal something useful. 8) My Potty background keeps transferring to other fandoms.