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Well, hm. I'm in the Blue Mountain Roleplay, and we've sort of allotted personalities to the Chosen in order to be able to play them right - here's what we have.

Hoykar is quiet, shy, musical and "prefers what the males have", especially one in particular, who he often languishes over.

Reevol is right now barely recovering from the loss of his Bond Swiftwings, so he's pretty much desperately bitter and sees hardly any reason to live.

Oroleed is kind, if a bit strict. We haven't devoloped him much yet.

Yeyeen is strong, passionate, and quick to anger. She's insanely devoted to Voll, and tolerates Winnowill only as Voll's lovemate.

Eresir is a bit trusting, whimsical, and cheerful. He's slightly reserved and very curious and observant.

And Talno is flirtatious, popular, clever, cheeky, and arrogant. Can be very helpful and caring, but mostly to further his own ends.

(If Leanan stops in here, she can correct me on any points I might have gotten wrong. But this is how I see them in play.)