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Hi again! :)

I've looked into your roleplay, as well as a few fan fics. I think you have assigned the boys and girls really cool personalitites. I felt really bad for Reevol, even though I don't like his canon character much. :o

After discovering that the local library down the street from where I work has the manga of EQ, I went in and did some studying. I left not much wizer than I came in, pondering the big question "How many eight are there?" I though it was going to be easy to identify them by their outfits, concidering that the pattern down front on their shirt is unique. Well... it seems they had time to change their clothes quite a few times between panels within the same scene (the middle of a fight!). First the guy with the oval symbol is wearing a black jacket and white pants. Two panels later he's wearing a patterned shirt and black pants. A bit later he's back to the original again. I feel like this : :?:

The changing colours of peoples clothes occurs a lot I've noticed, except in the cases of Kureel and Aroree. But I suppose that being a "superior" race they'd have clean changes, and not everything they owned would look exactly the same. (Apart from the symbols in front?)

The ones I know for sure are: Kureel - row of ovals, Reevol - zig-zag, Oroleed - wave, Hoykar - arches. I can easily tell apart Yeeyen and Aroree, so the two I'm still in the mist about are Eresir and Talno. One of them has a fishbone pattern, the other one I don't know. Maybe the guy who changed his clothes all the time are actually two? Hoykar and the other one? But in the sequence I studied Hoykar looses his talon whip, and this guy still had his independent of outfit. (Maybe he had time to get a new one, a whip I mean.)

Anybody who can shed a bit of light on this? Pretty please with sprinkles on top?