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Okay, using the process of elimination, (Finding out who IS in a scene to find out who the others are NOT.) I still got confused. A lot of this may be off, but it's what I could come up with. The scene where Adar is entertaining the Eight (seven-Aroree) really helped. Here's what I came up with on who's who: (WARNING: Heavy with pictures)

Eresir has the wave/swoosh pattern:

I'm only guessing that the last one is him. The pattern's a little off And the colors are different... but it can't really be anyone else.

Hoykar has the ripple or target pattern (oh come on, tell me that's not a target. Strongbow could hit dead center.):

I think the guy's a softie. Poor guy, look at him mourning Voll's death.

Reevol is the only one besides Yeyeen who has a white top and so I'm guessing he's got a swoosh too, because in one scene he's there at the same time as the other swoosh:

Yeyeen would normally be easy to figure out. She's the only girl besides Aroree. The only problem I came up with was that there ARE no other female Eight in the third book; only in the fifth and sixth (and really just the sixth). So I managed to have a leftover Eight with a white top who wasn't Reevol, who was male, but feminine looking. I guess he/she got a sex-change from Winnie after Voll died. (My guess is that Wendy wanted another female Eight at the last minute.

Talno has the zig-zag ish shape, but is really only distinct in SaBM:

And we all know what Kureel and Aroree look like, so that left one Eight with a round pattern just like Kureel, but couldn't be because at the table when Winnowill put Voll to sleep, Kureel was with Winnie while another Eight with the round pattern was at the table. So, I'm guessing it was Oroleed.

And that leaves me to wonder who the heck this guy is: