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In #18, Ekuar says that the humans guarded the palace at first, killing most of the elves that tried to get into it. When the "Ice age" came and the forest was replaced with the frosty mountains, all elves, animals and humans fled, but someof them stayed behind, and Ekuar says he, Osek and Mekda did so. They were captured by the trolls. Osek escaped into the desert and died there, leaving behind his bones for Leetah, Darth and the rest to find. Ekuar was resqued by Rayek, and Mekda stayed prisoder with the trolls until she froze to death after helping the trolls break in to the Go-Back's cave where Redlance and the wolves where guarding the children during the war for the palace.

It doesn't say anywhere that there were more elves than the three of them that stayed behind, but all the "other elves" went to search for warmer places. Kahv's Go-Backs came from the wolfriders, so Teir's group of people and Ekuars group must have been with either some of these elves that went to search for warmer places, or from Kahvi's eary group of elves... I think :roll: Haven't finished Kahvi yet, so I really don't know...

Ekuar and his two friends might have been with the first wolfriders too, but wouldn't we have seen them in "Blood of ten chiefs" if so?

The real question is how many groups of elves there originally was right after the events in "how shall I keep from singing"... Didn't Aerth and that blonde high one go on their own search? I'm sure Timmain's group spent a lot of time breeding in those years, and there could have been a LOT of people wandering off during those years... it's a puzzle :)