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I was a much too silent visitor of the Scrolls for months - too shy for posting comments, not to mention of thinking about my own art thread. I have to thank ElfTanner, who sort of wakend me, for her patience in improving my not existing tecnical skills of posting issues.

Finally posting my first piece I was quite astonished to hear from Joselle that making collages is an art form - and ... that she liked it! Her's and Allura's encouraging comments made me go on, as well as Willowspring's friendly support.

My first thread vanished in the hacker attack. Having lost the nice, encouraging and stimulating comments of all my visitors is the only thing I really regret ... everything else can be rebuilt. It will take a few days to bring it back. I decided not to post all in a rush but to use this to rearrange and post in little groups.

A fast finger practice - just wanted to have these two together in their ceremonial gowns:
The Power of the Circle

Before I run the risk of loosing track of my theads I'll better list them here

Avatars and Banners - feel free to chose (well, there's hardly use for it anymore)
Waiting for Christmas - an Advent calender I hope to revive every year
Easter EggQuest - a little yearly fun for Easter ... hopefully
EQ's Little House of Horror - Halloween ideas which will be renewed too ... at times

If I remember right I accepted requests :D

1. for Kindredsoul: an "anything" about Cutter - done -
2. for Kindredsoul: a Cutter-Rayek-relationship developement
3. for Icemoon: an "anything" about Clearbrook - done -
4. for Icemoon: ... something about Moonshade ...
5. for Stargazer: a Skywise one (loosing wolfblood /becoming Master of the Palace)

... I don't promise to be fast ...