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Happy to see you revisiting, blackash and Icemoon! It's all my pleasure to share my collages and collect such wonderful comments. Happy

I don't quite understand what story-boarder means exactly. Guess it's a job longing for creativity - I'm honored. Tho I must confess - I intentionally decided against a creative job - was afraid a "must" of creativity would kill my fun and love for it. I'm a banker - and happy with it.

Now that the grab-bags have returned it's time to repost some of my contributions.

August 2008 Readhead Ember posted a cryptic poem - not revealing who was meant with it. Now - I was absolutely sure that only Rayek could be meant - and before realizing I've made a collage to show my point of view. Here is

Bright Moons Above - poem by Redhead Ember

click to see full sized

Nightsea contributed a poem as well - and I was eager to do something for her, too.

Waiting Souls - poem by Nightsea

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in case you want a closer look on the pictures - without text

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