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November grab-bag was really mean - Redhead's contribution introduced us to elven Halloween OMG!! ! Not only that it's impossible to find a "trick or treat" situation in the comics - I don't really like these maskerade events. So I declared to quit ...
Hahahahahaha - this time the poem obsessed me ... masks haunted me ... pictures from EQ started to follow me - and about two weeks later I gave up, being ready for this special challenge.

The environment framing the scene was ready before my eyes. Choosing masks for the elf children was lots of fun Good_bad
Some were obvious and easy
- Dart - the Native American, Newstar - the Fairy, Wing - the Angel, Trinket as Princess Goldylocks
Some cost a little planning
- how to make a Sun-top? what would Ember be? Ahh- Chief-to-be! ... finally borrowed a chief's lock from a poor foxy
Some were a problem
- what to do with Mender? ... ??? ... !!! eventually revealing the true reason for Trinket's crush on him! Tongue
Some were forgotten Unhappy
- really almost forgot Windkin - at least his mask was self-evident!

Up to now it was sheer fun - what followed was an awful work of searching, editing and pasting of masks and bodies - til I was rewarded by a well fitting Halloween picture Yay
Hahahahahaha - as far as Halloween will ever be fitting for elves Razz

Forgive me this endless preamble - guess I need some extra fun while reposting

Halloween - poem by Redhead Ember

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