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Thanks to Willowsprings request for a tearful avi I decided to create my own avatar thread. Then and now I'll add some banners, too.

Just like my bigger pieces, the banners usually are collages, so this is placed in the Fanart section.

Since I've accepted requests and being a slow worker I better make a todo list:

done - Skywise & Foxfur banner for Stargazer (2 versions)
done - Strongbow & Moonshade banner for Siwan
done - Strongbow & Moonshade banner with portraits for Siwan
done - Strongbow & Moonshade banner for ElfTanner (2 versions)
open - Ember through the Years banner for Redhead
open - Ember & Teir banner for Willowspring
done - Sending banner for faeriegirl
open - Howling Ones banner for Icemoon
open - Bearclaw / Ember "Boo" banner for Tenderfoot
done - Shadow Paw Pride banner for Willowspring
open - Nightfall, Leetah, Clearbrook, Moonshade, Dewshine, Tyleet banner for Joyleaf
open - T.E.A.M. Moonshade banner for ElfTanner
open - Pike & Skot with a Dreamberry on top banner for Kyri
done - Colored Moods/Eyes of Nightfall banner for Antonia (2 versions)
done - Arrow and Wine banner for Antonia
done - Oakroot and Winterleaf banner for Startear
done - Safe in his Arms banner for WolfMoonSky