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This Holt is still alive and kicking! Come join the fun - the above banner leads to our website, with info on how to join. This thread will have some of it as well, plus info on the plot and characters.

We're a forum-based role-playing Holt. This means we do all our rp-ing post-by-post on a forum (we used to do it through a YahooGroup, but are at the moment transitioning to a forum). Our finished rpgs are archieved on our website.

We're quite slow-paced, as we have no demand on a certain number of posts per week, so be warned. The pace depends somewhat on how many of us are inspired to rp at the same time; but don't worry, there's always someone you can play with who'll answer within a day or two (sometimes within an hour).

The participation "demands" we have are:
- Reply to all posts directed at your characters
- Answer questions asked by other players
- Warn us if you know you won't have time for the rp for more than 2 weeks (though "disappearing" and then explaining won't get you banned or anything)
- Reply to role calls.

OBS! The website updates _much slower_ than the rpg! Members share all current info on the forum (and in the Yahoo!Group) and I update the website as often as I have time to do so. Don't judge the Holt's activity from the website - go to our forum or Yahoo!Group to see if we're still moving or not Wink