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The „Join“-system
The way to join this Holt might look a little complicated at first, but it really isn't. In short you can only play elves (for now). Limit for a new member is two elves (three if you give me a very convincing speech).

There are three „types“ of elves to play. They are: „Adoptables“, „Wanderers“ and „Elves from Other Tribes“.

Adoptables: Elves that were created by someone else. They have a Character Information Sheet (CIS), relatives, a background and so on. Not always completely finished (may have some physical trates missing or so – you get to fill out that yourself), but have often been played by someone before you. Vintage elves, to put it simply. Look further down the thread to see what adoptables are available.

Wanderers: NOT ACCEPTED RIGHT NOW. These are elves you make up completely on your own. They're not from the Tall Tree Holt. They can come from any tribe – but if you don't like any of the available ones you must invent one yourself, with details!
This is so I can put info on the website for other players, in case they also want to create an elf from that tribe and so I can weave it into the rpg's plot (yes, we do have one). Wanderers can also come from the same tribe as other wanderers who're already in the game .
OBS! To keep things „realistic“ we only accept two wandering elves per rpg-year. This is to avoid „elves behind every bush“-senarios.

Other tribes: So if adoptables are elves invented by other players and wanderers are made completely by you, what are these guys? Well, they're somewhere inbetween. They can only come from tribes the survivors have met! That means „other tribe“-elves currently only can come from „the Children of the Oaks“. This is to prevent the senario of elves popping up from behind every bush – it would just get confusing and weird.
Other than that your tribe and its customs are decided for you, you have more or less free hands (though all must of course be approved by the Holt leader before you join, as with any elf). Some names (accompanied by brief or not-so-brief appearances in the RPG) have been put up on the website (Where & What → Elves → Known elf tribes → Children of the Oaks). All green names are available elves for making a CIS to. You can make your own elf as well.

OBS! There can only be 2 tribes with one type of animal-blood (3 if one is an old branch of one of the others). Ex: There will be no more wolf-blooded elf tribes: there's already the Riverbench Holt, the survivors of the Tall Tree Holt and Sunsleaf's tribe. If you want a wolf-blood elf s/he must come from one of these tribes.

To join: Go to our website, press „Join?“, READ THE RULES and „HOW-TO-ROLE-PLAY“, then follow the instructions. Any questions just pm or e-mail me!