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Wish I had a spare 2k lying around.

Is the texturing on her face damage/paint texture, or was Wendy actually hinting at very short fur there...? It looks like short fur. Neat.

Have you seen all the other Wendy drawings? If you search for Wendy pini you will find 26 works of art, most of them obscure and most of them incredible.

Should I post them here? Would that be like stealing other peoples art? Has anyone good reasons for not posting it?

If no one tells me to stay away from them I will soon post everything, 8) or to say it differently: If anyone want to post them I will not try to stop you.

To clarify, for you to stop or not to stop someone from posting here is not really relevant. The only one who has that power is Warp Graphics, which for all practical purposes here on the Scroll is me. All of the artwork you (and others) have posted was once published somewhere - in old magazines, program books, etc. - so it is fair to post it here (but not anywhere else) because we (Warp) still own the copyright to the images. And it is fun to see these old memories again.

Regarding the works of art you have found by searching "Wendy Pini" - all those people who have bought them own only the physical piece of artwork. They do not own any rights to reproduce them (except, with proper credit, to show them online). It would be better if you post the link to those various web sites, rather than taking the image files and putting them here. Many web sites (elfquest.com included) have rules against taking images from the site for use elsewhere, although a link to the image is all right.