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(Why, yes, we're a little bit gorgeous Happy )

River Twine Holt is something a little different: a traditional writing & art club featuring an Original Quest style tribe of wolfriders. In our group, rather than play out our elves' lives by forum roleplay, stories and fan art tell the tale. The pace is slow, and the creative involvement intense - if you prefer to write and draw rather than roleplay, have no time to keep up with an RP group, or are just looking for a different fandom experience, RTH is the place for you!

In addition to our creative community and large archive of fan fiction and fan art, River Twine Holt features a rich history and tribal background, active messageboards, monthly contests, trades and events, and a commenting system for both writing and art. The club is run by a five-person council, ensuring that even in the event of a leading member leaving, the group won't close down. We are always eager to welcome new members into the River Twine experience! Currently we have two types of membership available:

Player Members adopt a character and receive creative control of him/her, as well as full participation privileges, and need to turn in one sketch or 500-word story per three months;

Reader Members don't own a character and need only to give one comment per quarter to retain their membership, but get partial privileges such as access to restricted parts of our messageboards as well as a first crack at any newly adoptable characters. If you're interested in the club, but no character catches your eye, or you aren't sure if you'll have the time, joining as a Reader Member is an ideal option.

Please see the last posts for information on whether we have
characters available for adoption, or visit our fabulous website. Reader
Membership is always an open option, too!