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[quote="Icemoon"]Embala, joyleaf, your comments always make me proud ^^
I'm so happy you like my work !!

[quote:68275b0a2f="Rjjspesh"]Whoa. Your stuff is really good.
I'm honestly touched by it. You can really tell how much you love Elfquest.

Also, I love a person who still colours in with pencil and doesn't do it all by computer. It has a completely different look to it, don't you think? I like it the most.

And your style is so fresh- yet you are so faithful to the Elquest vision! I haven't seen, yet, anyones elses' work that seems so comfortable as yours. So attenative to details like clothing- without seeming to strain yourself. It's great.

I have to ask- how old are you?[/quote:68275b0a2f]

thanks, rjjspech ...
I'm glad you like it !
yes, I prefer the pencils colors but I admire the persons who can do it with computer !! I really don't know how to do that .. It's a mystere, for me !!

You had guess well !! I LOVE elfquest :mrgreen:

how old I'm I ?
13 years old ... I will have 14 in july (Iknow it's young)