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Hey all, I'm pretty much okay with the family ties, there were after all only so few who survived the crash and so far we only have two tribes which are directly linked to each other out of the five we know so I think this is reasonable.

And I don't mind that Elves could mate with wolves and not humans. When Timmain arrived, mating with humans was entirely out of the questions, even if she had changed shape to look more like them, it wouldn't have worked. And after that, NO elf has mated with a wolf again so by now I don't think they can. The wolfriders wolf blood must be running pretty thin but they still connect to the wolves.
Kahvi connecting to a wolf isn't that weird, the Go Backs had already learned how to connect with animals, it's more a matter of mentality then blood I think.

What DID disturb me is not Nightfall's parentage but her time of birth. In the original quest Nightfall muses that having Ember around is just like seeing Cutter as a cub again.......How could she know???????
Also, Redlance got his name when Cutter was 12, which means Nightfall was already his lovemate when she was 10 :roll: Of course the name changing story had been written BEFORE the wolfrider story, back in the early beginnings. Was Nightfall's birth timing a mistake or did they really think we wouldn't notice??????

Unfinished story lines are a drag. But at least it gives me some time to hunt for older EQ issues and complete my collection...I too suffered lack of money as a teen and as a student I'm not doing that much better Wink