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Thanks for your nice comment and the offer, Nerd. :D I'd love to learn more about your graphics - being afraid that there are some valid obstacles, tho ...

First: I'm sort of a "computer-tecnical idiot" - hating experimenting and learning slow as far as PC and software are concerned.

Second: My programm is called "ArcSoft PhotoStudio". It came with my new computer about two years ago - easy enough for me to learn by doing - at least the basics. When I believe the guy who sold me the PC it is much simpler than Photoshop (he said something like I would impossibly manage Photoshop Nuh_uh ).

Third: Ah ... this would be positive - we could pm in our mother tongue Happy

If you are still ready to explain how are you doing those graphics in general I'd be happy to learn about it. When you'll pm me - please use German. In case you decide to do a tutorial in one of your many threads I'll try to deal with English. Wink

Some variations of Skywise - not quite sure about them, but too well succeeded to throw them away

Skywise - Tangle Woods (he's looking captured somehow) and Skywise - Burned Soil

Skywise - On Fire ... guess it's rather good ... and Teir - Howling Wolffather

... for Willowspring Happy It's the only combination I could imagine - any suggestions?