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Unfinished stories.

Now that they have whole DC Comics behind them, i'd definately hope that so called old wavedancer series were brought back to daylight. WaRP produced it with Black Mermaid and they had have all the legal fights and decisions not to publish it anymore, BEFORE i even find out that wavedancers exist in the World of Two Moons!

Six issues would make a logical manga volume, right? I have read almost all other comics but not them. And i guess i'm not the only one. I think especially old readers would rather buy something they haven't read as many times as the 'Grand Quest'.

Also the storyline needs badly some clearance. Richard have said somewhere that first 6 issues are dream of Broken One who appears in New Wavedancers. But could it be that the characters of the Old series are the ancestors of present Wavedancers? The original high or their first-born who fled to the sea? Is Broken One the only link between Old and New? And the storyline of the New Wavedancers was totally drop out in the middle. If they follow series in chronological order (as it seems), it'll take ages to get to that point where Windkin meets Wavecatcher... And I don't want to wait that long!!

- J -