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[quote:87ab1e3486="joselle"]Gouache is the devil.

AHaha...that sentence made me laugh for like 5 minutes straight.[/quote:87ab1e3486]

:D Sorry I wasn't trying to be spammy. That is just my immedieate and only reaction whenever anyone brings up gouache.


gouache gives the same coverage as oil or acrylic paint, however it has a mate dull finish. It lacks the warm glow of oil paint or the bright intensity of acrylics. The advantage though, is that it's much easier to use for an inexperienced (or impatient) artist.

I'm gonna politely disagree with you there. (And show how this conversation isn't spam). I am in no way an experienced artist when it comes to traditional mediums. I was, however forced to work a lot with gouache in college (damn you Bruce Claypool!) Every artist has their personal opinion on the matter of course, and I wouldn't say that mine is right, per se. But I can throw up a pretty convincing argument that gouache is THE most difficult of the traditional painting mediums.

Many artists have mastered it in ways that boggles my mind. Some swear by the medium. But I found it incredibly difficult to work with. You can't paint over it without having the bottom colors seep through, which means you can add color, but never truly correct. If you touch the dried paint you'll forever have a thumb print on it, and if you glare at the paint it seems to increase it's desire to thwart you.

Gouache, suffice it to say is Satan's paint.

Richard would no better for sure, but looking at the larger picture, I'd guess it was MOSTLY gouache which leaves me pretty damn speechless at the technique. Not a hint of muddiness anywhere and very, very crisp details. Stunning.