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Genetics, genetics, genetics make it unlikely that both Brownberry and Longbranch (Longreach) are Nightfall's parents. Both have dark hair (Longbranch has black) and (I think) dark eyes (i'm not sure about the color of Longbranch's eyes). And yet Nightfall has golden eyes and golden brown hair (when she's colored properly!) It's the genetics of the whole thing that just bug me!

I myself am a genetic misfit and if it wasn't for my grandmothers I'd wonder about my parentage Grin - my parents and siblings are all blonds with green/hazel eyes and I ended up with brown hair and brown eyes Evil Grin - but I have my grandmothers' colorings to reference my coloring with so I can verify why my coloring is thus Grin Wink . Maybe Nightfall's grandparents were both blonds with light colored eyes...but really, I just hate that idea... it is obvious that her parentage was an after thought and they (as in the Pini's) sought around looking for a couple that could fit the bill and Longbranch/reach and Brownberry seemed to fit the that bill. Better for them to not name her parents or to name unknowns or to stick to the anthology version which was Briar and Amber (Amber! makes me think of amber hair and eyes...good possiblity of a golden eyed and golden-brown haired daughter there!).

Here's my version of Amber:

Besides which had they put any real thought into her parents rather than throwing the idea out to be picked up as cannon than Nightfall too would have been devastated by what happened at the madcoil attack; not that I'm saying it wasn't shocking enough...but the loss of ones parents or siblings Unhappy is like losing a limb...hurts like hell and can never be returned! After thought, pure and simple. And I hate it... reason enough! Evil Grin :x Evil Grin :x Evil Grin

That's Mi :twisted: opinion