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I think because of my absolute devotion to my favorite character dewy, i think that i have a slight biasness for windkin. Not only was he a fat adorable cub, and a handsome young twenty something, but he had alot of unfair things happen to him in his life. First, he is kidnapped as an infant. Than, he meets his sire, whom has had no interest in him from birth. Than in war his parents go into wrap stuff just to be forgotten by him, and the lonelyness he must have felt during that time. Than he and Audrey fall for each other just for her to be wounded and absorbed by the rocks, I would say he has alot to be introverted about. He is probably withdrawn and protective of himself.

He doesnt want anyone but his audrey. His parents are not around, the wolfriders arent around, the sunvillagers are out of sorts and not part of his true family on either side, so ... hes a bit melancholy (sp?)