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This is getting more interesting than I expected - there are some intriguing suggestions I not even considered! :-O
I simply went with the look ... the most obvious ... at least for lazy me ...

Waves at White Ghost
Hard? looks like an easy - and imaginative - job for you *claps*
I like how you looked behind the outward appearance ... going with more subtle qualities ...
Any cone head gets the alien - too obviously ...
Rayek as devil? - Cool!
frankenstein is two edge, his parts dont quite match - yeah ... he's perfect in character ... not perfect in look for my lazyness, tho
winnowill in the seaweed bikini is the black lagoon monster!. rawr --- :-O - BAAAAAD
skeleton is the dead palace guide - ... hehehehe ... I'm cheating =P~
vampire= soul sucking disembodied winnowill? - Why disembodied? When there's a life-sucking creature it IS Winnowill (for me)
Kimo gets the werwolf - ... :-O ... YUP! Have chosen another one for me, tho ...
I think One-Eye gets the zombie cause he's not quite dead yet - NEVER thought of him ... it's not scary - but so touching!

btw: trying to go without the FUTURE issues ... so no cthullu dudes

Hi, faeriegirl :D

Welcome, krwordgazer :D

Mummy - Orolin or possibly Timmain - both logical and realizable choices
Devil - Rayek or Haken - not hard to see Haken in this role ;) Rayek ... again?!
Witch - obviously Winnowill - how could I've forgotten the witch? *oops* ... hm ... found another one ;)
Ghost - Kahvi? - ??? Interesting, but ... confessing to need help here ... explanation? ... any PICTURE in mind?
Werewolf - definitely Bearclaw - Have I said this becomes interesting? ;)
Swamp Thing or Black Lagoon Creature - The Broken One - looks like I've to consider him ...
Dragon - Bladkfell - ... Why ??? ... needs help again ...
Vampire - Voll - WOW ... as unexpected as excellent ... thought of the "sad" Vampire like Nosferatu, right?

Seems I've to fill MORE than ONE House of Horror!

Look back at the listing in my first post!