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Funfun! Some of my suggestions are of the queer sort, but I try to add reasons when possible Wink Plus they might need a lot of editing...
Might contain spoilers if you haven't read all EQ material!

But I*m trying to think about pictures in different EQ volumes, not so much characters themselves- since there are many wonderful suggestions based on those already! Although some of mine might overalp with someone's earlier suggestion too.

[b:d7efca8dad]Alien - [/b:d7efca8dad]preserver, as suggested before..
[b:d7efca8dad]Devil -[/b:d7efca8dad]the very first picture of Two-Edge(when Picknose tells Cutter about him in OQ graphic vol 2) He has so much more sharper features there.
[b:d7efca8dad]Dragon [/b:d7efca8dad]-the already suggested Madcoil
[b:d7efca8dad]Frankenstein[/b:d7efca8dad] - Ekuar when Rayek first finds him- he's so in bits and completely forgotten who he is. (OQ graphic novel 4 ?)
[b:d7efca8dad]Ghost[/b:d7efca8dad] Zhantee or Kahvi from the Discovery
[b:d7efca8dad]Hellhound[/b:d7efca8dad] - the zwoot gone crazy in "the voice of the sun"
[b:d7efca8dad]Black Lagoon creature[/b:d7efca8dad] - Surge...or the Redeemer from the Wild Hunt series beginning..
[b:d7efca8dad]Mummy [/b:d7efca8dad]Ahdri in wrapstuff in SatS
[b:d7efca8dad]Skeleton - [/b:d7efca8dad]Mekda, when Redlance sees his/her face in OQ.
[b:d7efca8dad]Vampire - [/b:d7efca8dad]Some Winnowill image- there's so many that'd suit for the Elegant Goth vampire or Moonshade from SatS page 12
[b:d7efca8dad]Werewolf - [/b:d7efca8dad]Rahnee might be more subtle werewolf than Timmorn...but the Kimo suggestion from before is priceless.
[b:d7efca8dad]Witch - [/b:d7efca8dad]the bone woman from Olbar's tribe- she's just the clichee..hehe. Or Shuna from beginning of SatS
[b:d7efca8dad]Zombie [/b:d7efca8dad]Brace or either Door, since they're quite braindead in Blue Mountain.