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*Dancin'* ... that's a mass of interesting, unique and well-thought-out suggestions you provided. Only bad thing is that I will not be able to realize every idea :((
Of course there are overlaps - I ask for your understanding that I will comment mostly on NEW ideas.


Alien - Coneheads are alians so that would make most sense.
Devil - I know he isn't considered canon anymore, but what about Sidor (Or was it Ridos that was the evil one?) from the OW? He was almost more evil then Winnowill.
Dragon - Madcoil is the closest thing to a dragon in the books.
Frankenstein - I am going to say either Two-Edge or Tyldak. Both were created by the mad Winnowill and both have parts a normal elf shouldn't have.
Ghost - I vote One-eye from book five? When Strongbow asked Kureel's forgivness and Clearbrook set One-eye free.
Hellhound - I agree with the Peacehounds, especially since they were made for/from evil.
Black Lagoon Creature - The Broken one gets another vote from me.
Mummy - Anyone in wrap stuff really, but I vote Orolin.
Skeleton - How about Haken when he takes all of the bones of his fallen friends and turns them into bone armor?
Vampire - Winnowill, she is sucking the life out of Rayek i she not?
Werewolf - Timmorne, but if you don't want to be to obvious how about Skywise from the story where he demands his wolf blood back, gets it, and goes crazy. Cutter has to rescue him from humans... What story was that?
Witch - Old Maggotyis the classic witch.
Zombie - How about Door? He was alive yet dead, living stone.

Thanks for joining, Elftanner!

Devil - Sydor - he definitely has something diabolic
Skeleton - How about Haken - could work ... tho the windows are too small, I'm afraid ...
Vampire - Winnowill, she is sucking the life out of Rayek is she not? - She IS!
Werewolf - how about Skywise? - Great idea! :D (Wolfshadow - Summer Special 2001)
Zombie - How about Door? - Yeah - tho I see rather lethargic Door leaving with the humans than his stone-like self now

Thinking in pictures is fine, Moonmoss :D

Devil -the very first picture of Two-Edge - Interesting! Can see it!
Frankenstein - Ekuar when Rayek first finds him - that's new :-O ... one for the "touching" kind ...
Ghost Zhantee or Kahvi from the Discovery - where the *$/&#*%& you find Kahvi there?
Hellhound - the zwoot gone crazy in "the voice of the sun" - definitely different ... must take a look ...
Mummy Ahdri in wrapstuff in SatS - this provides possibilities :)
Skeleton - Mekda, when Redlance sees his/her face in OQ - but ... WE don't see it ... :(
Vampire - Moonshade from SatS page 12 - ... there comes another Moonshade in mind ;)
Werewolf - Rahnee ... - fitting character ... missing a real "wild" picture of her ...
Witch - the bone woman from Olbar's tribe - YUP! Or Shuna from beginning of SatS - one more for the touching kind
Zombie - Brace or either Door - the BM shapers are definitely candidates

The Redeemer is only b/w ... and too much animal for my taste.

Lots of interesting thoughts, Mrs. Grizzley :)

Well ... the initial idea was Halloween and a House of Horror - therefor some ideas are out of consideration, at least for this one.

Alien - Preservers are more Pixie-like Faeries than the classical understanding of Aliens based more or less on the Grays. - forget about the wings and the funny head toppers ... take a look on body and face instead ... can you see the "grey alien"?
Devil - I'd go Haken. - I have chosen him by look ... you showed me his real qualification for devil/demon!
Dragon - Dragon in mortal form would be the Dominance - fascinating idea ... it's a pity that it will not work by "picture only"
Frankenstein - Honestly? Two-Edge - okay, okay .. I surrender - he's a must do ;)
Ghost - Zahntee, especially. Also Winnowill's spirit held captive in Rayek - soooo many ....
Black Lagoon Creature - ... Mer-Winnie ... - Broken one for the "touching" kind? ... Surge because he was my initial idea ... looks like I've to consider Mer-Winn ...
Skeleton - human that Winnie has in her basement waiting to die - creepy when you know the background ... but just as a picture? Hhmmm ... right now I see The Death pictured by him ...
Vampire - Voll dies by being impaled by a shaft of wood . . . through the chest . . . - thought of this, too B-)
Werewolf - I guess it depends on whether you like your Werewolves to lie by the fire and let you cuddle them or whether you want them shredding the couches and howling at the moon - SHREDDING! ... right now ... ;)

Thank you, Sihreie :)
Edit: Oh great, NOW I have mental picture of grinning Timmorn dangling from tree branch yelling "BOO!!!"; ... *Grin*
Must draw him now - scaring Beyond \m/