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I never was aware of this shot! :-O It's definitely one for the touching kind. Thanks so much for pointing me to it, jeb.
This swamp scene might be useful ... thanks for remembering me!

I enjoy the various suggestions and discussions very much - especially the surprising, unexpected and queer ones. They can show completely new aspects and change the own, crusty point of view. For the current project - Halloween/Horrorhouse - however, it's essential to have pictures which are recognizable without knowing the whole character and/or story backgroud. Being a bit scary isn't bad, too ;) Last not least - I'm a rather visual type.

Will add your completation, Sihreie :)

Nothing to forgive, Moonmoss :D
It's just that you were the second to suggest Kahvi as Ghost - even with reference. I really thought I must have missed something basic. :-S In fact this triple will be my choice - it fits best in the composition.

To shorten the waiting maybe you want to visit last year's Halloween?

- A Scary Night in the Forbidden Grove :bz

- The illustration for Redhead's Halloween poem

MY take - lazy and (mostly) obvious - work in process