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Don't think that I have to explain my choices - or even the meaning - but I will share my thought about it. This one should review the clichés of horrorfilms and Halloween, frightening and - if possible - funny, too.

Alien - Petalwing, because he always reminds me of this comic joke where a huge alien head is popping out of a tiny flying saucer :bz
Devil - Haken ... he has horns, he has fire - he made himself looking like a creature risen from hell ... and he's determined to destroy
Dragon - Madcoil, definitely the closest creature I can get
Dwarf - Proto-Trolls, born "last minute" to antipode the giant ... the only small figures I could think of - short, cute and mean ;)
Frankenstein - Smelt, just for serving the horror cliché of the huge, green, mean monster
Ghost - the Go-Backs from the Palace scene were fitting best in the composition
Giant - Olbar ... after NightAngel casting him for Zombie I had to add the Mountain Tall ;)
Hellhound - Peacehound, made from and for evil
Black Lagoon Creature - Surge, a finned creature of the water, defending his habitat - and behaving like a monster sometimes
Mummy - Orolin, dead and in wrapsuff ... any doubts possible?
Skeleton - Bone Woman, her bone dress must count for this time
Vampire - Winnowill, the prototype of the seducing vampire for me ... and she somehow sucks the live out of her people!
Werewolf - Timmorn, again serving the cliché of the hairy beast howling at the moon
Witch - Old Maggoty is the classic witch for me, too
Zombie - Troll mutants ... ZOMBIES! was my very first thought seeing them ... mindless, salivating and elf eating

As this one took me so long I haven't managed to realize all versions I was inspiered to by your suggestions. Well - at least the "touching" cast should come to life soon. I'll do my very best:

Alien - going with Timmain, I'd say, alien, naked and helpless in a hostile world ...
Devil - Rayek because he is possessed ...
Dragon - maybe Surge by look, destroying temper and still sort of pityful being caught in his wrong ways
Dwarf - ???... don't know ... still the Proto-Trolls ...
Frankenstein - Two-Edge of course, if I hadn't known already your votes had proved it ... the very best cast by fate and character
Ghost - probably Savah when she is caught in spirit form
Giant - when there should be one ... Little Patch - he must have felt like a giant!
Hellhound - Blackfell ... sort of demonic ... and he took Bearclaw's body away
Black Lagoon Creature - Broken One ... who else? Your votes proved so.
Mummy - that's hard ... Ahdri captured in wrapstuff by full awareness sounds like a good candidate (hard to build tho...)
Skeleton - Mekda! Thanks to Moonmoss and jeb :D
Vampire - Voll, prototype of the sad, tired vampire
Werwolf - when I'll find a good solution for the realization ... Skywise from Wolfshadow
Witch - old Shuna from SatS ... again a problem with realization ...
Zombie - male Door when he's taken away by the Hoang'Tay Sho

What do you think about the list?

Please nobody will be disappointed when her/his suggestion isn't in the cast. I'm planing to redo it for next Halloween ... much too many good ideas to be dropped :)