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We're getting back on our feet after a long fall-term-hiatus. All our players aren't back in full action just yet (still got some exams and projects to finish), but we're active and are always happy to welcome new players!

We would especially love for someone to adopt our lovely "free ones" (Se Adoptables, two posts above), as they're a very active part of the rpg.

There's lots of story around them currently:
- One-Edge and her brand new lifemate Longsong lost a 5 year old child not two months ago. Her bond-friend Softpaws has just started a conflict with the new elf tribe Children of the Oaks, by seizing a storage tent to give birth in.
- Silvereyes just got her uncle Haze back, but her father Greyspear is still missing and her mother and lovemate were killed not two months ago. She still has her brother Treebreeze as support though.

As I said, we're always open to new members. But please remember, no wanderers! I'm sorry to nag, but somehow no one ever seems to notice that unless I shout.