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micinjensue, I agree that Nightfall's parentage was probably an afterthought, but I really don't understand your issue with the genetics. You've said repeatedly that you know about recessive genes, but you still insist that they are impossible. That's a little like saying "Birds can't fly! I understand about wings, but come on! "
[quote:0fe9e70118]Ember has red hair, Suntop golden blond, Cutter blond, Leetah brown (okay, depends on the coloring, she has had red too sometimes). Bearclaw had brown and Joyleaf was like Suntop. Or Dart/Strongbow/Moonshade. There doesn't seem to be any logic in Abode. Maybe elves' genes just don't give a damn.
In humans, hair color is determined by mulitple genes and influenced by environmental factors as well. As a result, it isn't unusual to see children with hair colors similar to their parents and grandparents but not exactly like any one relative. Elves seem to work pretty much the same way. Leetah's hair is more auburn than brown and leans toward red. In combination with Cutter's light-haired genes, it isn't surprising that Ember's hair is a lighter shade of red. Similarly, Dart's hair color is (usually) a lighter version of his father's. Perhaps Moonshade has a light-haired ancestor, or perhaps Dart's hair has been bleached by the sun.