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Wow, now look at how many posts I have. That's nothing compared to the thousands some of the old fogies here have. Of course, I mean the people who have been here longer, not their ages. Wink

As Mirr said a few posts ago, don't forget you can edit your posts Micinjensue. :)

Your mother's brother is your uncle. That uncle's daughter is your cousin. Your grandmother's brother is your great-uncle. That great-uncle's daughter is your...hmm, I think you're right. It would be a cousin, not an aunt. This whole great- and cousin many times removed stuff is confusing. I consider my dad's cousin, my 2nd cousin. That 2nd cousin's kid is my 3rd cousin. I know I am wrong because my brother and his wife were figuring out the many-times-removed stuff when they had their son, to figure out the relationship between our cousins and him. (They decided to just call everyone uncle or aunt to prevent confusion.) What I would consider my 2nd cousin is really my once removed cousin (or cousin, once removed, if you will)...I think.

Does this work for the great-great-greats as well? For my great-great grandmother, do I say my great-grandmother, once removed or twice removed? OR maybe three times removed?? Wait, does that mean your grandmother is really your mother once removed? *gives the Charlie Brown yell* UUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!

Well, if that's correct, then Skyfire is Cutter's 5 times-removed-mother or 4 times-great-grandmother. Back to what I was originally trying to say: if your grandmother's brother is your great-uncle, then your great-grandmother's brother is your great-great-uncle...again, I think. So, that would make Two-Spear Cutter's 5 times-great-uncle, which would make Kahvi Cutter's...WHAT????? *shakes fists in the air until head explodes*

Ok, I just worked it out on paper. She is Cutter's cousin, 5 times removed. Whew! You were right micinjensue. :)

I guess I could've edited this to be more concise but it was fun so I left it as it is.