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Let me put your mind at ease.


The notion that kavhi is Two Spear's daughter is, IMHO, rediculous. i think it makes sense that the Go Backs are descended from Two Spear- that they are, in a sense, cousins to the Wolfriders. But so much time has passed that they should have had many generations and cheiftains in between. (Like the Wolfriders did!)

Yes, I know about the 'magical pool,' and I know that Kahvi, according to canon, is supposedly the daughter of Two Spear- However...

I consider that the deranged imaginings of a writer who was (at that moment) either burnt out or high. Said writer, due to either over-work or partying the previous night, lost the ability to imagine new characters. He/She knew the Go Backs were descended from Two Spear (according to the Pinis) and devised the most straight-forward connection possible. (As she/he was apparently unwilling to leave any mystery intact.

This same person later conferenced with the writer of the 'Wild Hunt' series and informed him/her that Tier should be directly descended from Kahvi- despite the 10,000 year gap in time. No generations in between. Nope. And furthermore, just to close the circle, she/he suggested- that Human hunter (Lenin-something-grad) should have battled Kahvi herself.

Which of course implies that she survived another 10,ooo years and jumped continents.

So, in conclusion- consider it a mistake. It was a wild rumor. It may even be revealed that the story itself (as depicted) is just a dream of Pike's - brought on by a bad dreamberry trip. Elvis is not alive either- and Michael Jackson is not white.

Thank you-