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I tried to search for such a topic but didn't find any- if there is already a thread, will the kindly Preservers guide me there or move this thread to correct forum instead of spitting wrapstuff on me..:D:D

So, what's this all about? I have been for a long time thinking about making some EQ family trees- resulting in beautiful images with pictures of characters drawn and a tree as a background.. Beautiful image of a family tree....

That was a dreamberry wine dream since the task seems huge and almost impossible- I started with the wolfriders and just the recent ones make such a huge "tree" it was barely loadable for the site. Plus I'm sure I've made mistakes as in who is related to who.
If you want to see it check Moonmoss's photos and follow the instructions I wrote so you might be able to see something blurry-almost-readable of the sketch of relations.

So I'm asking your help. With pictures (maybe fanart??) and other stuff, like image downsizing, layout, wolfrider relations...whatever.
Anyone who's interested in this project or has some advice please comment on this thread. It would be neat to have family trees up to Mantricker's tribe (and maybe even further one day)and discussion about relations in general.

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