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Well ... as I said before - there are many different opinions about the family connections (and others), especially when you consider the prose novels. I remember a statement (either by Wendy or Richard) that this novels ARE canon as long as the story does NOT contradict the comics. An additional, long dead offspring (or another wolffriend) does not nessecarily contradict the comics - there's never said that this or that Chief (and others) only recognized once (with exception of Tanner, I think). There may be lots of untold stories in the dark past.

Preytracker IS listed as (one of) Joyleaf's wolffriend in the Wolfrider's Guide.

And tho I agree with you about the healers - let me play "devil's advocat" for a moment.

Shenshen is not a magical healer - but she developed her abilities in herbal healing during the Long Wait. It's legitim to call her Healer when you don't limit it to magic use.

Rainsong ... she obviously has healer's blood - both her father and her son were healers. It's a wiiiiiide stretch to consider her as a (possible?) healer ... maybe from a VERY special POV :/