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Name: Monsoon

Sex: Female
Birth-tribe: Crescent Caves Holt (World Of Danen's rainforest tribe)
(Monsoon was created by me, specifically to fit in the World Of Danen 'verse)
Family: Lifemates Ayla(m) and Whiterain (f), foster parents Sailen(m) and Aries(f), foster siblings Ash(m) and Changeling(f)
Age: 20
Appearance: Slender but athletic. Light Blue eyes. Dark blonde hair, worn in long bangs and a high ponytail. Brown birthmarks running down the right side of her next. Somewhat more tanned than the rest of her people, due to time spent in high up in the jungle canopy.
Attire:Prefers two-piece, mid-drift bearing, outfits composed of multiple colored pieces in a camouflage theme. Often wears a hood, long boots and fingerless gloves, all brown leather, to shield her from the elements. Always wears a pair of carved amber earrings, which belonged to her birth-mother.
Role: Scout, recovering troublemaker.
Magic: Limited shapeshifting.
Skills: Stealth, climbing, scouting, swimming, running, weather watching, honey-hunting, pranking. Her cubsitting skills gets mixed reviews (cubs enjoy it, but their parents worry about what she's teaching them).
Personality: Mischevious, playful, flirtatious, energetic. Dangerous when bored Big_laugh.
Background: Orphaned as a child, and raised as a big sister to the children of the couple who took her in. A hyperactive child, she was handed over to the tribe's master scout to teach her patience and stillness. Briefly lost her little sister to a kidnapping on her watch, and later took part in the girl's rescue. During that dark and grieving period, she became involved with the apprentice tanner Whiterain, who had lost a cub, and their grief brought them together into a couple. Together they pursued Ayla, the chief's son, someone they had both been attached to -separately- in their pasts. Now all three of them are committed lifemates.

(Defunct)EDA Archive Page: http://eda.of-the-night.com/monsoon.html


Drawings by Elftanner (click to embiggen):

Vector-ink by me, over an RPG Template:

Micros (by me):

Shapeshifted Forms (Camoflage, Feline, Aquatic, Human-form, Merform):

"Modern" Monsoon (started as a take on something started by Tynami/Katcombs):

Alternate Bases (previously archived on the EDA site):