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Name: Sparklespray

Sex: Female
Birth-tribe: Tidewater Holt (Rosetta Tales aquatic tribe)
(Sparklespray was created and named by Rosetta Tales' creators, but all info below except names is from my own head.)
Family: Father Agate, Mother Glitter (deceased)
Age: 244
Appearance: Fishtailed mer-elf. Sky-blue armfins and handwebbing. Very fine sky-blue scales from head to waist. Larger dark purple scales along tail. Her tail and pelvic fins start dark red at their base and gradient to bright red at the tips. Deep red hair, long, wavy and unruly. Usually worn pulled back away from her face. Orange eyes, wide smile. Ears are slightly longer top and bottom than average.
Attire: Colors are dark reds and magentas. Typically just wears a simple halter top (child/teen) or sash (adult) to cover her breasts. Collects silver jewlery; her collection includes a headband, circlet, several necklaces, and a pendant with an amethyst in the center.

Role: Memory keeper, story teller, cubsitter.
Magic: Lightshaping.
Skills: Story telling, star watching, joke telling, singing, keeping children entertained and occupied.
Personality: Outgoing and friendly, always with a tale to tell. Uses her lightshaping powers primarily to accentuate her role as an entertainer. Not an adventurous elf, but since she's come into her lightshaping powers, she's gotten reeled in to more and more of her agemate's adventures.
Background: Her mother Glitter died in childbirth, and as a result of her father's grief she had a distant and troubled relationship with him for much of her childhood. She escaped into the world of other people's stories and the history of the tribe, and in time she became a memory keeper herself.

(Defunct)EDA Archive Page: http://eda.of-the-night.com/sparklespray.html


Drawing by Icemoon (click to embiggen)

Micros by me:

Assorted Bases:

By Katcombs (tail recolor by me):