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Name: One-Leg

Sex: Male
Tribe: River Twine Holt (wolfrider)
Previous Name: Was called Axehand before the accident that resulted in the loss of his left leg below the knee.

Extensive CiS and image gallery here: http://www.rivertwine.com/members/cisdisplay.php?id=9

(dolls by me, drawings below by other artists. See his RTH page for full credits)

Name: Thumbprint
Childhood Name: TBD
Preserver Name: Nicefriend Dig-Dig
Gender: female
Age: TBD
Birthdate: TBD
House: House Of Scholars
Occupation: (Not sure what to call it, but she's the 'handler' or steward for Trickleclaw, a Preserver that was captured during the ancient rebellion against the Palace Keepers)

Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black, unadorned, just above waist-length, usually held away from her eyes via a head scarf.
Physical Appearance:
Height/Build: 4'6"
Clothing: Typical attire is a short-sleeved orange dress and purple jacket, both trimmed in white. White head-scarf. When working with Trickleclaw she wears a leather bracer, emblazoned with her House icon, usable as a perch. Has a preference for wearing boots over going barefoot.
Jewelry: Rarely wears any (Access to Trickleclaw's aviary requires her to clear anything on her person through security checkpoints, and taking baubles on and off is too much bother)
Special Possessions: A gilded cage, used on the rare occasions when she takes Trickleclaw out of its containment area.
Weapons: Politics

Skills: TBD
Hobbies/Pastimes: TBD

Mother: Cauldron
Father: Inkstain
Siblings: TBD
Children (if any) :TBD
Marriage Partner/Lover(s): TBD

Personality: Always very polite; condescendingly so towards those whom she sees as rivals or just doesn't like.
History: TBD...
Blurb: Here is the original blurb that was in this post: "Scholar with some access to the some of the secured knowledge of her Caste, and current steward of the captive Preserver Trickleclaw. Around 350-400 years old. Primary motivation would be to free Trickleclaw from captivity. Possibly raised in a closet-dissident household, as well."