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Well, haven't made much progress on the TnL stuff, as I've had little help in input from what the other members see. So far, all I have is
a blank room, with halls oign to various parts of the ship,

crew quarters that are about whatever they want.

a bathroom that needs redecorating every time the captain visits it.

A large kitchen, with "pots" large enough for the captian to hid in, and cupboards large enough to fit gallon mugs in

The mysterious 'TARDIS' that is the main instrument that decides when and where we go.

various artifacts that the crew keep with them, as well as the 'cannons' that Redhead maintains, but I have not descriptions of those....

That's about all I got. I don't know if the ship is large or small, what color it is (right now, it's matrix white for me), what shape it is, how far it is from the galley to the bridge, and if the bathroom that Xiu always destroys is the soul lavy, akin in rediculus layouts as the Enterprise's eight, centeralized in the Engineering section away from the quarters of a thousand people, or if there is one per room, as per decor choice (there's at least a bath tub in one person's quarters, though it's doubtful if it's made of another crewmate)

Help, PLEASE!!!!

If you don't help, you get what you put in.....