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Talon Whip

"Your right to bear a talon whip... he whispers breathlessly. "Is a life-long honor, and we live forever!" He turns towards her with an indulgent smile on his lips.

"Come... give me your hand!"

"FOOL! He hisses, as he grabs her right wrist. With his other hand he bends it far back, forces her down on the floor. The physical pain throws her off guard. It has been so long since she has felt it that she welcomes it's bliss.

"Because you once played pleasure games with a stargazing Wolfrider... because you once saw the sky through his eyes...he keeps on bending her wrist back as his poisoned tongue spits out the lies she is trying to escape from. "You've thought of nothing else since."

"Learn! His mouth curls in a ferocious snarl. "Your only loyalty is to Winnowill!"

"She is a better Lord than Voll was or ever could be!His pale eyes locks with hers, which are starting to fill with unshed tears. How he dares to betray Voll, dares to compare their first and most beloved Lord with the Black Snake!

"She defines our purpose here. She is pure! Inspired!"

Aroree's other hand, the one which is free finds the talon whip at her right hip. Kureel doesn't notice this, he is to caught up in the twisted mindset Winnowill has tried to force upon all Gliders. She has been spared from this madness... for better or for worse.

And Kureel is the last obstacle now...

"And she knows that all elves with tainted blood..."

"... must die!"

The talons glides into the male Glider with ease. Kureel's eyes widen so much that she is terrifiedfor a moment. Then Aroree takes off, holding the rope of the talon whip. She feels a vicious tug before it follows her. Kureel cries out, but she doesn't even glance at his direction. Her mind isn't even there as she mounts Littlethrill, who seems oblivious to what she has just done.

She has now cut all bonds to the Blue Mountain... but what of those who she has betrayed? Will they ever trust her after what she has done?

And will Skywise ever trust her again?


Forgive me?