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Stay with Me

Once upon a time there was a fanfiction author who rediscovered something which a dear friend of her said. Our fanfiction author was struggling with something we call insanity, and in her more clear moments she despaired. Anime Monster, her Californian friend pretended who to be a 22 year old woman with asthma (in real life this was a 37 year old pig who had run away from a lab. He was studying how humans were interacting online.) Anime sympathized with our author and shared some words of wisdom to her; misery does not love company, misery loves happiness.

And our fanfiction author decided to take this to the heart, and began writing once more after a terrible case of writer's block.

This is what she wrote...

Treestump looked up towards the sky. "The temperature dropped. Something foul is coming towards us."

Treestump was right. Not long after, Winnowill came barging into the holt. Her black dress was thorn, and she had scars all over her face, legs and arms. Her long, silky hair had twigs in them. Treestump and Winnowill stared into each others eyes and...



They stood still for several moment before Winnowill finally spoke. "I never... knew it was like this..." Her green eyes filled with tears. "You are so beautiful... even considering your heritage."


They hugged each other for a long time, neither of them saying a word. Then, very slowly, Winnowill spoke again. "Wait, ew, now I have to..." where she proceeded to throw up on Treestumps face.

"I mean..." she panted as she threw herself out of Treestumps arms. "You are a mixture of wolf and elf!" Then she threw up again.

"Does it really matter, Winnowill? We are recognized now, we must preform the act."

**DON'T REMIND ME!** Treestump backed away as the fierce blacksending hit him with full force.

**Sjung!** Winnowill gasped. **Are you okay?**

**No one can deny recognition, Reke.** The sending was fragile. **Not even you...**

"Don't you dare to die from me!" In a shift moment the dress Winnowill wore was ripped off. **Stay with me!**

Annoying voice in American commercials; The following sequence is deleted because we cannot allow a crazy, horny teenager to destruct the fragile minds of the poor readers more than necessary. Those who want to see smut better go to read some Drarry stories on FanFiction.Net or AdultFiction instead.

Ember was hunting squirrels when she stumbled over the two elves. **MOTHER!** Ember sent openly. **Treestump... Winnowill... hurry!**

Leetah and the whole tribe was on the spot soon after, seeing a stark naked Winnowill and Treestump waiting for them.

"What's going on?"Cutter asked the pair. "Why are you without clothes? No..." he gasped. "You two have recognized!"

"Ya think?" Pike commented dryly.

Winnowill did not pay any attention to the Wolfriders, but went straight up to Leetah, who couldn't stop staring. **Once I tried to escape your healing embrace. Now I want it. Heal me.**

Leetah nodded, and put her hand gently on Winnowill's breasts. Then she healed the Black Snake, who cried. When the brown skinned healer was done, the Gliders came next from the Blue Mountain. Everyone was healed, and then there was a feast where the two tribes celebrated their union.

And so ends the tale of Treestump's and Winnowill's recognition