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He is falling... down down down... the sea is dark, but not too dark. It must be night now... not that it matters now. The sea just is, just as the landers. The landers... he wonders how the little lander is. He seemed frightened, afraid of the big lander. All of the landers on that ship seemed afraid of the big lander, but he did not see them as much as the little lander... so he cannot know. He will never know. He is heading towards the end of... no... bottom... ocean...

Not enough energy... father is there. He can see his hand. There is no question of it, he remembers that hand, and it's in front of him. He can barely smile, but he tries his best. “Father...”

Golden hand... he remembers something his mother used to say... no! Not say, she sang.

Wavedancers swim with sea friends
Forever they swim
Forever the dance and sing
Wavedancers and sea friends...

Curse it, he cannot remember anything more. It wouldn't surprise him that he's wrong. It sounds wrong... yes! It is wrong... but he can't remember the right...

His father is close now. He can only see the golden hand, but is is so close. Soon their hands will meet. His father does most of the work. He still tries to contribute. But he is slow, and he is exhausted. He can't help... but he must! “Father...” Then... their hands meet, and his father holds him close. “Oh Darshek,” his father sighs. And they go up... and up...

“Sleep pipling...” his father whispers, still holding his rather limp body. The heat is reassuring. Father is here. It is safe.“It is a log journey... I'll carry you now... rest...”