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~as we're inside the bus with Cyrus and Darius on the wheel and the giants (Iago and Raven) running to catch up, Rydia screams at me for abandoning Lilith (my previous wife) for Lyra (who used to be my maid in the 1st year)~

Rydia: So let me get this straight. YOU MARRIED A TRAMP?!?!

Lyra: ~holds up her 6 arms~ I am no tramp and don't talk back to your mother

Hey hey hey! Settle down both of you. Now's not the time to argue. We're having a nice ride on the bus. The sidekicks are in their rooms sleeping after the Dem Bones crap we got through (see Urbaniacs.com Sanctuario pages 4-7 for details)

~Black King gets up from his bed with his sister White Queen.~

Black King: Ughhhh. What's this arguing between you Master Stepith.

Let them talk. They'll get over it soon.

~Skadi approaches me~

Skadi: So you're Stepith. Lyra's husband correct?

Indeed. I'm in charge of them.

Skadi: I look forward to protecting your wife from harm and....Do you got a cigarette I can have

~turns on fan~ Sure ~gives her one~ So what's with the ravens perched on your shoulders?

Skadi: Like them? They watch over me and give me sound advice.